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10 successful colombian executives working abroad

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    10 successful colombian executives working abroad
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    "10 Successful Colombian executives Working Abroad" gives us a portrait of how a group of Colombian executives was able to overcome language barriers and develop a convincing and fluid discourse which has allowed them to stand out and empower themselves in the global entrepreneurial arena. 

    Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, high executives, and professionals alike, need tools in order to dominate the interior voice which inhibits their free and assertive functioning in English. The content of this book brings us closer to successful experiences and models that we can all learn from. It shows us cases where the ability to express ideas in English has enabled these skilled executives to open the doors of excellence and achievement in their careers. 

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    To the student

    Chapter 1
    Communication skills

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4
    Corporate and investment Banking

    Chapter 5
    The internet startup

    Chapter 6
    The budget

    Chapter 7
    Soft skills

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 10

    General bibliography & webliography 

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    Robert Brandwayn


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    Thanks to his origin, traditions, and experiences Robert Brandwayn is multicultural and polyglot. The latter, along with is interdisciplinary education international relations and music at the university of Pennsylvania and his estudies in fine arts history at L´Ecole du Louvre and Tolbiac Sorbonne in Paris place him in a more tan qualfied position to work as a lenguaje consultant.


    Perfil Académico

    After obtaining his diploma as a lenguage coach at Oxford TEFL, Robert created BSR Idiomas in 2008. Through this company he has been able to trasmit his more tan 20 years fo experience as an English teacher at corporate level, displaying his enthusiasm for intercultural ralations and the continuos improvement of people. For the last number of years he has also been at teacher at CESA where he is responsible for elective courses in English such as History of the Middle East, History of Music, and Modern Art, he was voted best teacher for the spring semester of 2009 by the students.

    AutorRobert Brandwayn
    Título10 successful colombian executives working abroad

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