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Temas VariosLibros ImpresosThe warthe womentheir bodiesResearchs and experiences on Africa America Asia and Europe


Nowadays, women are being used as human weapons in current political and economic conflicts. From this perspective, this book includes several empirical and thearetical tools to analyze this problem and ultimately contribute to a change, which would make women become key actars in peace building process.  In arder to show how gender violence currently affects women's lives, it presents contrasted cases where experiences of women in conflicts and wars can be considered as the tip of the iceberg of an existing patriarchal system in our societies. Thus, this book will allow the reader to develop a deeper understanding of how gender violence goes beyond different geographical, social and political realities as they all share the gender inequality.


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Dhayana Carolina Fernández Matos, Fernanda Pattaro Amaral, Harsimran Kaur, otros
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17 x 24 cm
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The war-the women-their bodies.Researchs and experiences on Africa, America, Asia and Europe
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Chapter 1* 

What about the others? The paradigm used for sorne governments to achieve peace through starting conflicts
A. Economy justifies conflicts - the world defense market 
B. Peace Studies and War Theories
C. What about women and girls? War and Gender
C.'. Useful bibliography about war and gender 
Women are needed into peacekeeping 
Chapter 2* 
Conflict and post conflict borderlines: women as the central piece of conflict resolution
A. If people are afraid, they can be controlled 
B. Combat operations and politics
C. Political economy of Armed Conflicts
D. Women in the front line of conflicts 
D.1. the Anarchy

D.2. Sexual violence as a weapon ofwar
D.3 Women and conflict resolution 
D.4. Gender and feminist theories on peace studies 
E. Recommendations
Chapter 3* 
Conflict and post conflict: women as strategic bodies. 
The cases of Colombia 

Context of the conflict
Dimension of sexual violence against those women related to the armed conflict in Colombia
The second element: Why is the woman's body used as a weapon, if they are not warriors? 

The sexual violence against the women in Colombia: Figures

Profiles and patterns of sexual violence in the armed conflict in Colombia

The testimonies of psychopathic traits used by armed groups on sexual violence in Colombia
Women and Peace Perspective thinking of a post-conflict in Colombia
Proposals on truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition of sexual violence against women survivors of sexual violence in the peace process


Chapter 4* 
Women's voices and living experiences through (post armed) conflict in Israel/Palestine, Africa, and India: routes and approaches of peace thinking

Routes and approaches of peace thinking

1. Life stories: the women voices inside (post) conflicts-experiences from peace thinking and acting

1.1. Women in Conflict - Israel/Palestine 

1.1.1. Women in Conflict - Israel/Palestine I 

1.2. India - systematic rape 

1.3. The condition ofrural and urban women in India 

1.4. The struggle for empowerment, security and peace of Bihari women 

1.4.1. Condition of women in Bihar

1.4.2. Solution to solve this problem & Leading women toward Empowerment 

1.4.3. Rozina Khanam takes a leading role in the controversial struggle for expanded freedoms for Muslim women 

1.5. The women's rights in Cameroon 

1.6. COFAPRI and DR Congo: an activism experience 
Peace meaning - sorne words 


Chapter 5* 
"Memorycide" and gender violen ce in a Society ofEastem Europe
1. Introduction 

2. Serbian society between past and present

2.1. The effects of recent war in the present
2.2. Family life in Serbia 

2.3. Violence against women and the criminalization of society 

3. "Denied memory", "wounded memory" and "social and symbolic embodiment of violence"

4. A telephone survey among different generations of Serbian people 

5. Conclusion 

Chapter 6* 
Status and condition of Indian women
l. Position ofwomen in Ancient India 

Chapter 7* 
COFAPRI empowers DR Congo rural women and children ofwar, rape, and domestic violence to remake their lives peaceful



Research methods 

Women in the DR Congo society
Effects ofwar on womeo in villages 
COFAPRI's Endeavor ofHelping Survivors of Rape 
Animal rearing 

Sewing Activities 
Education project 
Empowering widows 
Small business 



Appendix. Photos of sorne of the women and children we work with in rural DR Congo

Chapter 8* 
Communication for development with gender perspective: a tool to promote peace and empowerment of women

l. What is communication for development? 

2. Human rights of women and its relation to communication development
3. Sorne proposals of communication for development with gender perspective 

4. Conclusions: Why these projects make to convergence communication for development and empowerment of women? 

Why they are important? 


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