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EbookLibros de Religión y TeologíaCommon Christian Roots of the Church of Cyprus under consideration of the Church of Jerusalem, the Mother of the Churches


This book-project is dedicated to Virgin Mary, Regina Apostolorum, and effected in honour of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. We express our gratitude for his pilgrimage to Holy Land in May 2009, his Apostolic Journey to Cyprus in June 2010 and his Apostolic Journey to Lebanon in September 2012 and for the transaction of the Synods in October 2008, October 2010 and October 2012, as well as for his special care and love for the Church in Holy Land. The volume draws the attention to the cultural and spiritual heritage and to the ecclesial bridge-function of the Church of Cyprus, under consideration of the Church of Jerusalem - the Mother of the Universal Church - between "East and West". It shows, in overview, the ecclesial line in the Pontificate of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI visible primarily in the Synods of the "Word of God", the "Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops" and the "New-Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith" with main issue the Church in Holy Land, ex oriente Lux, and contributes for a follow-up of the Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops. Finally, it may also be a frugal contribution to the Synod of New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith hold in October 2012 in Vatican City.
The encounter between His Holiness Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch His All-Holiness Bartholomew I of Constantinople for common prayer in May 2014 in Jerusalem - an eminent event in the history of the Church and eminent for the interchurch dialog - is documented because of actualisation. (cfr. Exposè 20120222). Editor: Gabriela Mihlig osb obl, 760 pages, published by Leopold Stocker Verlag, Graz/Austria, ISBN 978-3-7020-1503-9.


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Common Christian Roots of the Church of Cyprus under consideration of the Church of Jerusalem, the Mother of the Churches
Biografía del Autor
<p>List of authors (in alphabetical order): <br>Abou-Shakra, Sister Samia, Antonine Sister, Local Superior of Saint Rafqa Convent in Nicosia; Aghoyan, Fr. Samuel, the Armenian Superior in the Church of Holy Sepulcher, St. James Cathedral of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem; Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land (ACOHL); Atajanyan, Emmanuel, Archimandrite of St. James Cathedral, Jerusalem; Barato, Umberto, O.F.M., General Vicar emeritus of the Latins in Cyprus; Bouwen, Frans, M. Afr., White Fathers Monastery, Jerusalem, Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Vatican City; \'Chemin Neuf\' Community, Jerusalem; Chrysostomos II of Cyprus and all Neo Justiniana, His Grace Archbishop of Cyprus, seat Nicosia, Holy Archbishopric; Demosthenous, Demosthenis, Prothyereph of Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus; Elanmpa Boulla Zakaria, Priest of Coptic Orthodox Church in Nicosia; Escudier, Richard, Vicaire Episcopal &agrave; Paris, Dioc&egrave;se de Paris; Gabriel, Bishop of Coptic Orthodox Church in Austria; Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarchate, Jerusalem; Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Jerusalem; Hergelian Varoujan, Archbishop of Armenian Prelature of Cyprus; Hesemann, Michael, historian; Isakhanyan, Andreas Kahana, Priest of Armenian Apostolic Church; Kardamakis, Arsenios, Metropolit of Austria, Metropolis of Austria; Kelekian Joseph Monsignore, Patriarchal Vicar of Armenian Catholic Patriarchate of Cilicia; Kelly, Eamon, LC, Priest of Legionaries of Christ, Jerusalem; Laham, Gregorios III, Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and all the East of Alexandria and of Jerusalem, Greek Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East of Alexandria and of Jerusalem; Laun, Andreas, OSFS, Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, Archdiocese of Salzburg; Lewis Michael, Anglican Bishop in Cyprus and the Gulf, The Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf in the Episcopal Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East; Melki, Gr&eacute;goire Pierre, Patriarchal Exarch of the Syrian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate of Jerusalem; Mihlig, Gabriela, Benedictine oblate; Mitropoulos, Theodossios, Chief-Architect of Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem; Muscat Noel ofm, Franciscan Priest-monk of Convent of St. Saviour, Jerusalem; Pieraccini Paolo, historian; Pizzaballa, Pierbattista, O.F.M., Custos of the Holy Land with his allowance to republish documentations about Custodia Terrae Sanctae and texts/pictures from website custodia.org and relevant brochures published by Custodia Terrae Sanctae; Shirvanian, Aris, Archbishop of Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem; Schumacher, Joseph, Priest of the Diocese of Freiburg im Breisgau; Shomali, William, Monsignore, Auxiliary Bishop and Patriarchal Vicar of Palestine, Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem; Soueif, Joseph, Monsignore, Archbishop of Maronite Archbishopric of Cyprus; Theophilos III of Jerusalem, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem; Twal, Fouad, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem; Tyrrell, John, Dean at St.Paul&acute;s Cathedral in Nicosia, Cyprus.</p>
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ISBN: 9783702015039
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Leopold Stocker Verlag
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