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"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need." Ayurvedic Proverb
Ayurveda is an ancient health care system from India which has been practiced all over India for the last 5000 years. From India this knowledge has travelled to numerous countries like Nepal, China and even to Europe. In times gone by India was the greatest exporter of herbs and spices to many countries around the world.
More than 3000 herbs, minerals and animal products are explained in Ayurveda, together with their physical description, pharmacological activities and role in both preventive and curative aspects for all diseases.
The role of herbs and spices in preventive aspects of disease is emphasized in Ayurveda, we all know that prevention is better than cure. As herbs and spices play such a pivotal role in preventing both communicable and non-communicable diseases, their use was fused in Indian cuisine in such a way to ensure that everyone consumes an ample dose of them daily.
Another advantage of using herbs and spices is that it adds to the nutritional value, flavour and aroma of foods and enhances the bioavailability of nutrients and minerals from the food. They also help to prevent and contain unwanted microbial growth.


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Dr. Smitha Devi Chandran, Dr. Smitha Devi Das, Karin Schweizer
Health Secrets from Acient India
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The power of Ayurvedic spices
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<p>Dr. Smitha Devi Chandran is an Ayurvedic physician from Kerala (South West India) with 12 years of experience in Ayurvedic medical practice. She is a board-certified Ayurveda Doctor from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences, Bangalore, India and has completed her Ayurvedic medical course in 2003(BAMS). During her college days she was very engaged in extracurricular and social activities, like awareness programs on women\'s health in rural areas. This enabled her to better understand the value of service and how much happiness it can bring to all the people involved. Presently she is a senior Consultant physician in Kadaltheeram Ayurveda Beach resort in Kerala, where the majority of her clients are from Europe. At the same time, together with her husband Dr Manu Das who is also an Ayurvedic Physician they run an Ayurvedic clinic in Chennai, India. She strongly believes that without a scientific diet program no disease can be reversed completely. This conviction has enabled her to relate with her patients and helped them using common herbs and spices in their personalized diet resulting in profound positive changes in their health.</p>
ISBN: 9783947159550
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