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" What it is on my thighs? Why it is moving upward? And where it is moving to I asked myself sleepily. I wasn't sure of what was moving on my thighs but one thing was sure, something or someone was moving on my thighs. I succumb to sleep due to my fatigue, I've passed my days running from one place to another, and now I'm bearing the consequences.
Not only that, but I felt a shock overcoming me when something hot and wet cover my sex, licking and sucking. Furthermore, I stood up faster than a newborn baby, a wave of pleasure was ridding away my sense, my logic and my morals. Not only that, but I tried fighting against this, against the need, the desire to moan, but I couldn't, I succumb to it, I hold the cause of this sensation glued to my sex, so that this feeling will never come to an end.
He continues to suckle and licking, coaxing and dragging shivers out of me one after the other. I was going crazy and needy, in need of much more. I lost all sense of rationality and hold his head on my sex while opening my leg to give him better access to my sex. Not only that, but I felt his smile on my sex, rejoicing and mocking my actions, but I don't care. I know he's the one, but I can't push him away from my sex, I need his mouth where it's more than my next breath.
He inserted a finger in me, grazing it down my inner clitoris continuously, making me shiver uncontrollably and incessantly.
I relished and rejoice in every single acting of his hands and tongue, until I dig my fingers roughly in his hair as this strange feeling overcoming my sense, overcoming me was becoming overwhelming.
This was closely followed by a spasm like a current through my body. " What's the fucking meaning of this? " I asked myself. I couldn't believe my senses, my limp body was astonished by what just happened.
While I was holding myself and my breath, he moved from my lower half to my lips, kissing me passionately until I couldn't breathe. That's when I realized what I did and was doing.
" Sir Dallas what is the meaning of this? " I asked
" It's means from today, you're mine and only mine he said.


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Ma lactouo Takem Bithia
The fokou household #3
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Maid to a billionaire
ISBN: 9783748774792
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