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Fun lesson starters to help students communicate and break the ice!
Welcome to bel's book of icebreaker games! So, how do you get a lesson started?
bel has put together a collection of tried and tested games that can be used to get a class going. The games are all very flexible and can be adapted to class size and ability. Many of them can even be expanded to become more than a 5-minute warm-up game. On occasion, a lesson doesn't go the way you planned, so if an icebreaker develops into a full-on fun and engaging exercise, run with it!
The games are a colourful mix of icebreakers that can be adjusted to accommodate specific vocabulary or grammar topics. Some require next to no preparation, some require a bit more of your time, and some can be prepared by your students. The spectrum of preparation ranges from only needing a few ideas to preparing simple worksheets or cards. The most important thing with these icebreakers is to have fun. It is easy to forget how much repetition learners need. Be patient, be understanding, and help your students to enjoy the learning process.
And of course, make sure that you enjoy yourself, too!
Have fun and break some ice! A different language is a different vision of life.


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Beate Baylie, Karin Schweizer, Helen Tate-Worch
Teach - Love - Inspire. bel activity + games booklets
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Icebreakers. Perfect start for your language class
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<p>Beate Baylie was born in Stuttgart in 1968. After finishing high school, she worked in Cairo for two years in an Egyptian family as a tutor. Cairo was followed by Sheffield where Beate gained a Business degree. After the birth of her first daughter almost 20 years ago she founded the bel language school together with Karin Schweizer. Beate lives in Filderstadt with her English husband and their two grown-up daughters.<br><br>Karin Schweizer was born in Schramberg in the Black Forest in 1965. After training as a travel agent, she went to the Sorbonne in Paris and to the University of California, Berkeley in San Francisco. Back in Germany - with an American husband (with whom she has two grown-up children) - she founded the bel language school together with Beate Baylie. Today Karin lives with her new partner north of Hamburg.<br><br>Established and widely used textbooks such as \"Learning English with Chris the Grasshopper\", \"Mini Ducks\" and for the 55+ generation \"Autumn Years - English for Seniors\" emerged from the long and varied practical work that they both did. They offer stress free learning with a focus not just on grammar but on enjoying learning and having fun.<br><br>Several hundred participants have taken part in the bel start-up seminars for language schools.<br><br>Bel is also a tour operator offering language trips as \"bel Reisen\". Several times a year, there are trips to English-speaking countries and group travel offers to other dream destinations such as the Indian state of Kerala on the Malabar coast.</p>
ISBN: 9783947159147
Referencia: BW1033184407

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