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Positive affirmations and mantras are the key to a steady and upgoing spiritual life. They are a crucial aspect of our daily practice and easily complement a steady meditation practice, yoga practice, or prayer practice.

Positive affirmations can be used by any person, no matter if he is spiritual or not. They work by rewiring our brains with the positive message that they hold.

Mantras, on the other hand, are short phrases that can be repeated in our minds, so we can clean our psyche of misconceptions and behavioral patterns that keep us stuck in our lives. Mantras are a great practice tool for both the spiritual practitioner and the simple person alike.

In this book, you can choose from the 70 positive affirmations and 70 mantras that I have created myself, that address particular parts of your life such as relationships, materialization, health, positivity, money, success, and so on.

I hope this book will benefit you and transform your life into what you wish it could be. Namaste


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Adrian Tanase, Adrian Tanase
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140 Positive Affirmations and Mantras
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<p>His journey as a writer began in May 2018, at the age of 39. In December, of the same year, he received his first-ever prize for a short sci-fi story, written for a contest organized by the well-known Romanian sci-fi club Helion, based in Timisoara, Romania, where he took 2nd place, with the short sci-fi story \"They Were Two\".<br /> <br /> Since 2018, he has published eighteen books: a Japanese Haiku love poem title, four free-verse poetry titles in a concept series called \"Timeless Adventures\", ten spiritual / self-help titles in the series \"The Golden Path\", and four sci-fi novels. <br /> <br /> He is also narrating and producing audiobooks for his book portfolio, already having published 16 audiobooks, and waiting for the 17th audiobook to come online on the 18th of September, 2023.<br /> <br /> In 2024 he plans to finish up the sci-fi series \"The Forgotten Relics\" which will have four books and audiobooks for each, and in 2025 he plans to come up with the sequel (book 2) in the trilogy \"Non-linear Time\" and record also an audiobook for it.<br /> <br /> As for his self-help / spiritual titles he is currently also working on the book \"The Path of Patience\" which will be published somewhere around 2024, he hopes.</p>
ISBN: 9783987566066
Referencia: BW1037685011

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