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Andalucía 7 (inglés)


Andalucía 7 (inglés)

The smell of orange blossom, the lilt of a flamenco guitar, the taste of dry sherry; memories of Andalucía stay with you like collected souvenirs, begging you to return. -800+ km of sandy coastline, 248 tapas bars and restaurants, 156 days of riotous festivals and 4 busy authors -Clear, easy-to-use maps and inspirational photos -3D plans of iconic sights -In-depth background Coverage Includes: Planning chapters, Seville, Huelva Province, Sevilla Province, Cádiz Province, Gibraltar, Málaga Province, Córdoba Province, Jaén Province, Granada Province, Almería Province, Understand and Survival chapters.

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Casa EditorialDistribuciones Agapea - Libros Urgentes
TipoLibro Importado
Año de Edición1900
Núm. Páginas392
Peso (Físico)421
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