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Cosmology: Foundations and Frontiers


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Cosmology: Foundations and Frontiers
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Recent discoveries in cosmology have changed this science drastically. In a new world picture emerging now, the major feature is the "dark energy" of vacuum which contributes about 3/4 to the total energy of the observed Universe. Predicted theoretically by Einstein in 1917, this unusual cosmic energy produces not gravity, but antigravity. Antigravity makes the Universe expand with acceleration.

This is one of the first books in current literature which treat the newest most exciting ideas and discoveries in the science of the Universe. The book provides an easy introduction to both classic foundations and modern developments in cosmology for students, as well as interested physicists and astronomers working in other fields. Only a basic background in calculus, differential equations, and vectors is expected from the reader. Throughout the text, boxes present interesting side areas or background material while exercises promote active understanding.

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