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Lectures in Geometry: Linear Algebra and Differential Geometry (Semester II)


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Lectures in Geometry: Linear Algebra and Differential Geometry (Semester II)
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This book is a direct continuation of the author's previous book* and is akin to it in being a nearly faithful record of the Lectures delivered by the author in the second semester of the first, year at the Mathematics-Mechanics Faculty of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov to mathematical students (a course in Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry). Naturally, in the selection of the material and the order of presentation the author was guided by the same considerations as in the first semester (see the Preface in [1]). The number of Lectures in the book is explained by the fact that although the curriculum assigns 32 Lectures to the course, in practice it is impossible to deliver more than 27 Lectures.

The course in Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry is just a part of a single two-year course in geometry, and much in this book is accounted for, as regards the choice of the material and its accentuation, by orientation to the second year devoted to the differential geometry of manifolds. In particular, it has proved possible (although it is not envisaged by the curriculum) to transfer part of the propaedeutic material of the third semester (the elementary differential geometry of curves and surfaces in three-dimensional space) to the second-semester course and this has substantially facilitated (not only for the Lecturer but, what is of course more important, also for the students) the third semester course. At the same time, as experience has shown, this material appeals to the students and they learn it well on the whole already in the second semester. M. M. Postnikov October 27, 1977

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