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My first dictionary Tupi (letra manuscrita y de palo)


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My first dictionary Tupi (letra manuscrita y de palo)
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Tupi’s My First Dictionary will help preschool age children naming things and increasing their vocabulary. Also, this dictionary gives them the opportunity to copy the words and practice and improve. Preschool age children can read a pictogram and then try to find the object in the picture at the centre of the page and play with Tupi. They will discover the magical world of naming things. Over 400 words with their corresponding pictograms and activities brought together according to 14 different areas of interest, such as School, Family, Christmas, the Body, Spring, Plants… it’s not a common dictionary. Every word is written twice (in handwriting and in capital letters) so it’s a great opportunity for international rights sales since bilingual dictionary editions can be published!

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TítuloMy first dictionary Tupi (letra manuscrita y de palo)
Casa EditorialEditorial Edebé
TipoLibro Importado
Año de Edición2008
Núm. Páginas64
Peso (Físico)597
Tamaño (Físico)26 x 22 cm

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