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The Bonesetter's Daughter


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The Bonesetter's Daughter
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""The Bonesetter's Daughter dramatically chronicles the tortured, devoted relationship between LuLing Young and her daughter Ruth. . . . A strong novel, filled with idiosyncratic, sympathetic characters, haunting images, historical complexity, significant contemporary themes, and suspenseful mystery."
-"Los Angeles Times
"TAN AT HER BEST . . . Rich and hauntingly forlorn . . . The writing is so exacting and unique in its detail."
-"San Francisco Chronicle
"For Tan, the true keeper of memory is language, and so the novel is layered with stories that have been written down-by mothers for their daughters, passing along secrets that cannot be said out loud but must not be forgotten."
-"The "New York Times Book Review
"AMY TAN [HAS] DONE IT AGAIN. . . . "The Bonesetter's Daughter tells a compelling tale of family relationships; it layers and stirs themes of secrets, ambiguous meanings, cultural complexity and self-identity; and it resonates with metaphor and symbol."
-"The Denver Post

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Casa EditorialDistribuciones Agapea - Libros Urgentes
TipoLibro Importado
Año de Edición1900
Núm. Páginas403
Peso (Físico)206
Tamaño (Físico)0 x 0 cm

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