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The physician


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The physician
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In eleventh-century London, a child holds the hand of his dying mother and is terrified, aware something is taking her. Orphaned and given to an itinerant barber-surgeon, Rob Cole becomes a fast-talking swindler, peddling a worthless medicine. But as he matures, his strange gift—an acute sensitivity to impending death—never leaves him, and he yearns to become a healer.
Arab madrassas are the only authentic medical schools, and he makes his perilous way to Persia. Christians are barred from Muslim schools, but claiming he is a Jew, he studies under the world’s most renowned physician, Avicenna. How the woman who is his great love struggles against her only rival—medicine—makes a riveting modern classic.

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Tamaño (Físico)19 x 13 cm
Peso (Físico)549
Núm. Páginas768
Año de Edición2013
TipoLibro Importado
Biografía del AutorNoah Gordon
AutorNoah Gordon
Casa EditorialDistribuciones Agapea - Libros Urgentes

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