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Un día con Tris y Tras


Un día con Tris y Tras

Cookie and Nougat are the stars of this story. A pair of hamsters teach young children through their lively games. To follow the adventures of these little rodents, children have to pull the tabs to make their animal friends pass through the tunnels, lift the flaps to make them climb the stairs and run in a wheel. A fun way to learn new skills and to know more about the habits of one of the most popular children?s pets.

A book to help children learn how to care for their pets.

Atributos LU

TítuloUn día con Tris y Tras
Casa EditorialCombel Editorial
AutorLaurence Jammes, Marc Clamens
TipoLibro Importado
Año de Edición2016
Núm. Páginas10
Peso (Físico)359
Tamaño (Físico)19 x 19 cm

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