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An Introduction to Formal Logic: Second Edition

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    An Introduction to Formal Logic: Second Edition
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    Intended for a course for beginning students in philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, or computer science. Motivation for each formal concept and each step in building a formal logic in terms of formalizing reasoning. Provides a conception of formal logic and not just a collection of results. Summaries at important junctures in the book keep students aware of what they''re doing and where they''re going. Hundreds of exercises that teach. Criteria of formalization with many examples of formalizing ordinary language reasoning in an example-analysis format. A complete course: syntax, semantics, and completeness theorems for classical propositional logic and classical predicate logic, and syntax and semantics for second-order classical predicate logic.

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    TítuloAn Introduction to Formal Logic: Second Edition
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    1 The Basics of Logic. 2 Reasoning with Compound Claims. 3 Classical Propositional Logic: Form. 4 Classical Propositional Logic: Meaning. 5 Using Classical Propositional Logic. 6 Proofs. Summary of Chapters 16. 7 Reasoning about Things. 8 The Grammar of Things. 9 A Formal Language for Predicate Logic. 10 A Predicate Applies to an Object or Objects. 11 Models for Classical Predicate Logic. 12 Substitution of Variables and Distribution of Quantifiers. 13 An Axiom System for Classical Predicate Logic. Summary of Chapters 713. 14 Formalizing in Classical Predicate Logic. 15 Identity. 16 Formalizing with the Equality Predicate. 17 Possibilities. APPENDICES 1 Proof by induction 2 Set Theory Notation 3 Naming, Pointing, and What There Is 4 Completeness Proofs 5 Other Interpretations of the Quantifiers and Variables 6 Mathematical Semantics 7 Aristotelian Logic. Index of Symbols. Index of Examples. Index.

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