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1500 Miles an Hour

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    1500 Miles an Hour
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    "Should these manuscripts chance to fall into the hands of any civilised man, it is my earnest wish, though of German extraction myself, that they should be published - if published at all- in the English tongue. Truth shall prevail, and our return to earth shall scatter, like thistle-down before the autumn winds, the scepticism which I mistake not will encircle them, as soon as man may read them. It is my cherished hope to return to my mother world, and to tell in person of that glorious life and those sublime wonders of a New World. Adieu!"

    This brief extract must suffice as introduction. The next chapter will begin at once with the story proper, omitting the uninteresting preliminary portion of the manuscripts...

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    Título1500 Miles an Hour
    AutorCharles Dixon
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    UK author, problematically identified as Charles Dixon (1858 - 1926), an ornithologist of some renown. The sf novel written by him, or by some other Charles Dixon or by an author using this common name as a pseudonym, is Fifteen Hundred Miles an Hour (1895), a boys\' tale featuring the interplanetary exploits of some young protagonists who travel to Mars - inhabited by giant Martians - via an electric Spaceship.

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