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4093 IC - Circuit Sourcebook for the Makers

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    4093 IC - Circuit Sourcebook for the Makers
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    Chock full of projects based on the 4093 IC, this book will be of great interest to makers, hobbysts and students (STEAMers). Readers will have the opportunity to learn how to apply this CMOS Ic in their primary uses while building these detailed projects.
    This book includes instructions to build over one hundred projects. They include shields for microcontrollers, lamp controls, timers, audio, RF, inverters, alarms and much more. This book offers the readers a satisfaying, practical way of learning about this topic in electronics:
    Teaches how to use circuits using the 4093 IC as shields for microcontrollers
    Focuses on insights gained through completing each project
    explore the imense capabilities of the 4093 IC

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    Título4093 IC - Circuit Sourcebook for the Makers
    AutorNewton C. Braga
    Biografía del Autor

    Family: Born November 6, 1946, in São Paulo, Brazil; son of Americo de Carvalho (a teacher) and Dirce (a teacher) Braga; married Neuza Ferreira Lima, November 16, 1979; children: Marcelo Lima. Religion: Roman Catholic. Hobbies and other interests: Astronomy, robotics, soccer, painting. Memberships: Lions Club. - E-mail:

    Educator, editor, and author. Instituto Newton C. Braga Ltda – Guarulhos – SP, Brazil, president; Colegio Mater Amabilis, instructor in mechatronics, 1999--. Consultant to Community Technical School.

    Best Book of the Year designation, Anomalist magazine, 2001, for Electronics Projects from the Next Dimension.


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    Tabla de Contenido

    Sources for the 4093
    Chapter 1 - The 4093 CMOS IC
    Chapter 2 - Audio and RF Projects
    Chapter 3 - Lamp and LEDs Projects
    Chapter 5 - Bistable Circuits
    Chapter 6 - Alarms
    Chapter 7 - Inverters
    Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous Projects

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