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In September 2013 the VDZ extended a warm welcome to the delegates of the 7th International VDZ Congress "Process Technology of Cement Manufacturing". From 25 - 27 September the congress again served as a forum for the cement industry, with engineers, researchers and equipment suppliers sharing their knowledge on state-of-the-art cement manufacturing technology.

Nearly forty speakers from around the world reported on their specialist fields. More than six hundred participants from almost 50 countries heard lectures on topics of high relevance to those working along the value chain of cement and concrete. In times of an about-turn in energy policy, sustainability, energy efficiency and the use of natural resources were again key topics, as well as technical advancement in grinding and burning technology. An outlook on future developments in the global cement and energy markets and research reports on new cements completed the congress programme.

Even if the global economy is still facing enormous challenges and the economic growth of the emerging countries has slowed down, cement remains a building material without which modern society could not function. Technological progress and the predicted increase in global demand for cement are the basis for the future growth of our industry. The VDZ Congress 2013 has once again illustrated how cement producers and users, researchers and equipment suppliers can work together to successfully master the challenges our industry faces.


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Process Technology of Cement Manufacturing
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7th International VDZ Congress
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General Reports
Current Developments and Outlook in Energy Markets
Developments in the Global Cement Market
Modern Cement: Requirements as seen from the Construction Industry
Technology Developments in the Cement Industry

Theme Session: Future Challenges and Visions
of Cement Process Technology
How will the Industry move ahead in Cooperation with the Equipment Suppliers?
Customer Focused Clean Technology
A Chinese Solution to Change Investment Return Model
ThyssenKrupp Resource Technologies: A New Company Rich in Tradition

Theme Session: Environmental Technology
High Efficiency SNCR for Non-Calciner Kilns: Potentials and Limits
High-Dust SCR Technology:
Operational Experience with Catalytic NOx Abatement
Semi-Dust SCR: Lafarge Plant Mannersdorf (Austria)
Tail-End SCR Technology for the Mitigation of NOx and NH3:
Operational Experience at Rohrdorfer Zement
The New Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) with
Integrated NOx Reduction at the Cement Plant Wopfing, Austria
Mercury Emissions and Abatement Measures

Theme Session: Sustainability, Use of Energy and Resources
Protection of Biodiversity in Quarries: A Contribution
to the Long-Term Sustainability of Natural Resources
Experiences with Waste Heat at Plant Untervaz
Waste Heat Recovery and Power Generation in Cement Clinker Production:
An Energetic Comparison
Energy Efficiency of Cement Production: Levers, Potentials and Limitations
Motivating, Efficient and Flexible: VDZ's Enhanced Cement Training
Mill Audits: Tools to Increase Grinding Efficiency

Theme Session: Grinding Technology
OK Mill: The Optimized and Versatile Grinder
Operational Experience from India's First MVR
Vertical Roller Mill for Cement Grinding
VRM Grinding Technology: A Comprehensive Approach
QUADROPOL RD: The World's First Vertical Roller Mill with Driven Rollers
Production of Slag-Containing Cements by Separate
Grinding of the Components Portland-Cement and
GGBF Slag and Subsequent Mixing
HFCG Roller Press Grinding Systems and their Applications

Theme Session: Burning Technology
From Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Energy
Improved RDF Quality and Combustion due to the Drum Drier, Chelm, Poland
New 3000 tpd Line in Rezzato, Italy: Innovation for Sustainable Production
How to Protect the Kiln Shell against Corrosion
Low Temperature Corrosion in Cement Plants

Theme Session: Cement and Concrete
Low Clinker Ternary Cements: Performance and Standardization
10 Years of Nanocem: Research Highlights
Belite Calciumsulfoaluminate Ternesite (BCT):
A New Low Carbon Clinker Technology
Belite Rich Portland Cement and Concrete
Celitement: Where do we stand?
Durability Requirements

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