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A Bad Hair Day Everyday

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    A Bad Hair Day Everyday
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    No longer with any memory of his past life JJ now has a new life as a not so normal teenage girl "Abbey".
    Follow Abbey at High School as she finds that getting older does not mean life gets any easier, and she is sure that school anger management courses should not include Martial arts let alone firearm training.
    Abbey understood that School would be a place of learning; she just did not expect it was going to be on how to kill people.
    True it may be normal for a girl to love her hair, but with Abbey, she knew her hair also loved her and not just because she fed it chocolate.
    Being Host to an alien parasite had its advantages but being unable to wear underwear was not one of them.

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    SubtítuloBook 2
    AutorAmy Mah
    Año de Edición2021
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    TítuloA Bad Hair Day Everyday

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