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A Ficto-Historical Theory of the London Underground


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A Ficto-Historical Theory of the London Underground
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This book offers a vision of the London Underground written in the form of a ficto-historical narrative, which combines history and fiction in the creation of a set of theoretical propositions for London's subterranean transportation network. Its amateur-scholar protagonist takes the reader on a labyrinthine journey into the world of research, with sources personified and their works appropriated and subverted. The book offers a model for practising writing and research in the context of architectural history and theory.

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TítuloA Ficto-Historical Theory of the London Underground
AutorMarko Jobst
Biografía del Autor

Marko Jobst (PhD) is Architecture Undergraduate Theory Coordinator at The University of Greenwich, London, UK. He has written on the relationship between architectural theory and fiction, and the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.

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