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A house, a home

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    A house, a home
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    Our house is our world, where we live and feel good! Imagine then how different houses are from our houses and the houses of some small animals that need to build their own houses ... This book allows you to talk to the children about different cultures and societies, using the theme of the house. It also allows you to talk about family, discussing the difference between house and home. The text is written in the form of poetry, with rhymes.

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    TítuloA house, a home
    AutorEliana Sá, Ana Luiza Araujo, Carolina Eri Rose
    Biografía del Autor

    Eliana Sá was born in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. Her father was a journalist and he always brought fresh newspapers home when he came home from work at dawn. She says she wakes up in the morning and tries to decipher the headlines, and that\'s how she learned to read at the age of five. Since then she has not stopped ... She became a great reader of comic books and adventure books, and began to write poetry and novels in her notebooks. Her family moved to São Paulo, where she studied journalism and publishing and got her first job in a children magazine. Since then, she went on to work in publishing houses, helping other authors prepare their books, and eventually publishing her own, such as \"Dona Galinha and the Easter Egg\" and \"My First Book of Poetry\". She has now published more than 30 e-books, because she believes that the future of publishing will be digital.

    Año de Edición2016
    Núm. Páginas16
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