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A Quechua - The Polo Connection

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    A Quechua - The Polo Connection
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    With this book anybody can start to play polo!

    Polo is the new trendsport and anybody can easily learn to play polo! But as most of the people so far had nothing to do with horses, we especially designed this book for those people, who want to quickly learn everything about the polo horses. If you still believe, that the polo pony is the main obstacle why you - without riding and horsemanship skills - cannot start to play polo, then this book is your passport to the world of polo!

    "This book will finally now launch polo as the new trendsport as with this book anybody can get on the horse!"
    Dr. Uwe Seebacher,
    Executive President of the PIPA
    Polo Instructor and Player Association

    The book contains all about the polo ponies - from their origin, their character, their abilities and also how to train and work with them. The entire book is written in an easy language so that also "equestrian sport novices" will quickly understand everything.

    But this book also is key for all advanced polo player, who are wondering why the pony is not doing what they want them to do. With this book, beginners, intermediate and experienced users can learn quickly how to ideally align with the polo pony but also how to train and optimize their connection.

    Again many tools and new techniques facilitate the efficient training and guarantee quick succes, such as: The MGT system, the WAS principle and ten simple steps into polo pony horseback riding are just some of the proven and tested approaches, techniques and methods contained in the book.

    "The Polo Connection" will help to develop polo on to another stage and into a completely new dimension.

    "This book uncovers the secret of the connection between polo player and polo pony. It helped me a lot!"
    Karin, Miami
    "For the first time this topic is methodically elaborated and structured!"
    Frank, Lyon

    "Incredible how I could improve my play by following the tips and trips in this book!"
    Andrea, Germany

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    TítuloA Quechua - The Polo Connection
    SubtítuloHow To Start Playing Polo Without Knowing Anything About Horses!
    AutorAry Castilho, Raphael de Oliveira, Uwe Seebacher
    Año de Edición2015
    Núm. Páginas199
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