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Air Kiss and Tell

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    Air Kiss and Tell
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    Air Kiss and Tell: Memoirs of a blow-up doll is a book that shows us that things that are sparkly, glamorous and smooth on the outside can often be a little dark, awkward and unexpectedly windy on the inside.
    Sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, Charlotte Dawson recalls many of the more noteworthy stories from her life so far - her career, her love life, her changeable relationship with the media and her least well-thought-out horse riding experience. Whatever you think your life is going to be like and however carefully you plan it, the white picket fences you expect can sometimes stick it to you right between the palings.
    From modelling in Milan to sneaking empty wine bottles into the recycling bin, Charlotte has run the gamut of life experiences - some familiar, some ridiculous, and some blown suddenly off her balcony wearing nothing but a moustache and a smile. As these stories show, you can survive almost any of life's setbacks as long as you have determination, resilience, humour and a robust digestive system.

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    TítuloAir Kiss and Tell
    SubtítuloMemoirs of a blow-up doll
    AutorCharlotte Dawson, Jo Thornely
    Biografía del Autor

    Charlotte Dawson was born in New Zealand but has adopted Australia as her home. She has built a successful career through her modelling, TV work and journalism. She is currently a presenter on Australia\'s Next Top Model as well as a contestant on the second series of Celebrity Apprentice.
    Her co-author Jo Thornely works at Fremantle Media by day and is a prolific blogger and tweeter in her spare time. She has written articles for Madison, The Punch and the Daily Telegraph. She has built up a loyal blog following at where she writes a hilarious recap of Australia\'s Next Top Model called \'Australia\'s Next Top Westie Scrag\'.
    Jo and Charlotte are good friends.

    Año de Edición2013
    Núm. Páginas320
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