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Ancient Egyptian Literature

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    Ancient Egyptian Literature
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    This book is intended to serve as an elementary edition for all studies of Egyptian Literature. Its object is to present a short series of specimens of Egyptian compositions, which represent all the great periods of literary activity in Egypt under the Pharaohs, to all who are interested in the study of the mental development of ancient nations. It is not addressed to the Egyptological specialist, to whom, as a matter of course, its contents are well known, and therefore its pages are not loaded with elaborate notes and copious references. In selecting the texts for translation in this book an attempt has been made to include compositions that are not only the best of their kind, but that also illustrate the most important branches of Egyptian Literature. Among these religious, mythological, and moral works bulk largely, and in many respects these represent the peculiar bias of the mind of the ancient Egyptian better than compositions of a purely historical character.
    The Pyramid Texts
    Stories of Magicians who Lived under the Ancient Empire
    The Book of the Dead
    Books of the Dead of the Græco-Roman Period
    The Egyptian Story of the Creation
    Legends of the Gods
    Historical Literature
    Autobiographical Literature
    Tales of Travel and Adventure
    Fairy Tales
    Egyptian Hymns to the Gods
    Moral and Philosophical Literature
    Miscellaneous Literature

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    TítuloAncient Egyptian Literature
    AutorErnest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge
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    Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge was an English Egyptologist, Orientalist, and philologist who worked for the British Museum and published numerous works on the ancient Near East. He made numerous trips to Egypt and the Sudan on behalf of the British Museum to buy antiquities, and helped it build its collection of cuneiform tablets, manuscripts, and papyri. He published many books on Egyptology, helping to bring the findings to larger audiences.

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