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Animism - The Seed Of Religion

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    Animism - The Seed Of Religion
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    A brilliant work about animism and its connection to various fields of religion.

    This ebook is not a cheap scanned version of the original but has been completely revised, including an interactive table-of-contents.


    1. Pre-Human Elements In Religion
    2. Brain In Animal And Man
    3. Man In The Making
    4. Animal And Human Psychology
    5. Naturalism; Or Conception Of Power Everywhere
    6. Animism; Or Conception Of Spirit Everywhere
    7. Theories Of The Nature Of Spirit
    8. Spirits In Inanimate Things
    9. Fear - A Constant Element In Animism
    10. Absence Of Sequence In The Objects Of Worship
    11. Absentee Gods
    12. Maleficent Spritis
    13. Evolution Of Idea Of Benevolent Gods - Earth Mother
    14. Tree And Animal Worship
    15. Stone Worship
    16. Water Worship
    17 Deification And Worship Of Ancestors

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    TítuloAnimism - The Seed Of Religion

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