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Annals of the Turkish Empire

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    Annals of the Turkish Empire
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    Annals of the Turkish Empire is a narrative of the most important and interesting events which had transpired within the Turkish dominions within seventy years, from 1591 to 1660. Besides other incidents of importance, negotiations and treaties - friendly and commercial with foreign powers, the book includes the author's detailed account of all the wars, offensive and defensive, foreign and domestic, in which the Turks had been engaged during that period.
    The Grand Vezír, Ferhád Páshá, Deposed, and the Vezírship Conferred on Síávush Páshá
    The Militia of Tabríz
    The Muftí Effendí, Bostánízádeh, Deposed, and Zekeríá Effendí Appointed in His Stead
    Disturbance on the Confines of Bosnia and Hungary?Movements of the Infidels
    News From the East
    Concerning Learned Men
    The Spáhís Create a Disturbance in the Diván
    The Grand Vezír, Síávush Páshá, Deposed
    A Rupture Betwixt the Ottomans and the Austrians
    The Grand Vezír, Sinán Páshá, Determines on Carrying the War Into Hungary
    The Enemy Advances to Belgrade
    Felk Falls Into the Hands of the Enemy
    The Faithless Are Chastised
    The Base and Ignoble Infidels Besiege Khutván
    The Siege of Osterghún
    The Request of the Prime Minister
    Yanuk Laid Siege to
    The Moslem Warriors Begin an Assault
    The Conquest of Yanuk
    Komran Laid Siege to
    The Waiwoda of Moldavia Rebels
    Concerning the Insurrection Occasioned by Michael, Waiwoda of Valachia
    Death of Sultán Murád III.
    The Late Emperor's Age?The Time of His Reign?Some of His Virtues and Good Deeds Described
    Vezírs Contemporary With Sultán Murád Khán
    Learned Men Contemporary With Sultán Murád Khán
    Reverend Doctors Contemporary With Murád Khán
    Facts Relative to the New Emperor, Sultán Mohammed Khán III.
    Ferhád Páshá Prepares to Set Out for Valachia
    Ferhád Arrives on the Banks of the Danube
    Ferhád is Deposed?Sinán Páshá Raised to the Premiership
    Sinán Páshá is Made Grand Vezír a Fifth Time
    Sinán Páshá's Death?Ibrahím Páshá is Made Grand Vezír

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    TítuloAnnals of the Turkish Empire
    SubtítuloThe Most Important Events in Affairs of East & West: 1591 - 1659
    AutorMustafa Naima, Charles Fraser
    Biografía del Autor

    Mustafa Naima (1655 ? 1716) was an Ottoman bureaucrat and historian who wrote the chronicle known as the Naima\'s History. He is often considered to be the first official historian of the Ottoman Empire, although this formal office was probably not created until the time of his successor, Rashid.

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