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Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial Intelligence
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The ongoing and seemingly unstoppable digital transformation brings forth new options, opportunities but also challenges to individuals, organizations, companies and societies alike. Governments are alarmed, realizing the potential consequences on the workforce, while also being apparently helpless against uncontrollable and powerful digital players such as Google or Facebook. As Henry Wittke shows, recent breakthroughs in the field of machine learning increase the potential of Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the world's largest industries. Wittke attempts to provide a basic framework of what constitutes AI as well as to assess its impact on the Information Economy. What happens in case of rising mass unemployment or social inequality? What will be the effect on labor as a value system for today's societies? Could the entire notion of capitalism be questioned in the wake of AI? The book aims to draw conclusions and give recommendations to policymakers.

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SubtítuloAn Approach to Assess the Impact on the Information Economy
AutorHenry Alexander Wittke
Año de Edición2020
Núm. Páginas100
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Tamaño Archivo (Virtual)1.22
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Formato Electrónico (Virtual)PDF
TítuloArtificial Intelligence

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