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Bad, Like Jesse James

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    Bad, Like Jesse James
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    BAD, LIKE JESSE JAMES tells the amazingly true story of a massively corrupt federal ATF agent who operated out of Detroit, in the mid-1970s. This ATF agent ordered killings, ran Detroit's heroin trade, committed armed robbery, fraud, extortion, he sold stolen guns and explosives to criminals, he plotted to rob a Brinks truck, and he even threatened to blow up Detroit Airport unless he was paid $1,000,000. And he did this, for years, under the nose of Detroit police, and the ATF. He was even awarded Agent of the Month. 
    BAD, LIKE JESSE JAMES also tells how the dogged determination of two brilliant ATF Inspectors eventually brought the very bad man to justice. Bad? Hell, he was not just bad... He was BAD, LIKE JESSE JAMES.

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