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Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey


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Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey
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A fun classic book for the whole family to enjoy. It's proven the test of time and is relevant even in this day and age. Your kids will be excited as you read it to them before they go to bed.In these books, the young German protagonist, Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, better known as Baron Trump, with a brain so big that his head has grown to twice the normal size, travels around and under the globe with his dog Bulger, meeting residents of as-of-yet undiscovered lands before arriving back home at Castle Trump.Ingersoll Lockwood is particularly known today for his Baron Trump children's novels. However, he wrote other children's novels, as well as the dystopian novel, 1900: or; The Last President, a play, and several non-fiction works. He wrote some of his non-fiction under the pseudonym Irwin Longman.

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TítuloBaron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey
AutorIngersoll Lockwood
Año de Edición2019
Núm. Páginas263
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