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BEN BLAIR (Western Classic)

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    Ben Blair is a hard-working cowboy who is in love with his childhood friend Florence Baker. But there's a catch! Ben was born out of wedlock and Florence wants a rich man from a good family. When Florence leaves for New York Ben follows her into the big city to tell her how much he loves her. But Florence has her heart set on another man whose real nature is cleverly hidden from her view?.
    Will Lillibridge or William Otis Lillibridge was born in Iowa into a prairie community and spent his adult life in Dakota where he worked on a ranch and had the first-hand experience of a farm life. Lillibridge was also a qualified dentist.

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    TítuloBEN BLAIR (Western Classic)
    AutorWill Lillibridge
    Año de Edición2017
    Núm. Páginas232
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