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Best of Bowls

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    Best of Bowls
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    Our recipes are a pleasure to prepare and are also visually appealing! With different variations of vegan and vegetarian components, every bowl fan is guaranteed to benefit! Clean Eating is a permanent trend. Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner hit the nerve of our nutrition-conscious society and show how easy and delicious healthy food can be. Our food styling tips will turn your bowl into a real eye-catcher. Quickly conjured up for a culinary delight.

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    SubtítuloEasy, Delicious and Healthy
    AutorMarlena Izdebska
    Biografía del Autor

    Cooking is the great passion of Marlena Izdebska since she is able to think. During their youth, Marlena visited the vocational school where she got her business training in gastronomy. There she improved her education in nutrition more and more. As a health-conscious mother she set herself a goal to inspire all readers with healthy and delicious recipes.

    Instagram Account: pia_mia_clean_food

    Tabla de Contenido

    Mango 14
    Rice pudding 16
    Coconut milk rice flakes 18
    Creamy cinnamon porridge 20
    Vanilla porridge 22
    Summerfeeling-chia-bowl 24
    Papaya boat 26
    Poppyseed tonka porridge 28
    Pancakes 32
    Lemon rice pudding 34
    Vanilla polenta 36
    Vegan coconut kaiserschmarrn 38
    Chocolate quinoa porridge 40
    Breakfast potatoes 42
    Green smoothie bowl 44
    Quinoa-porridge 46
    Red lentils spread 48

    Polish barszcz 52
    Red lentil dal 54
    Pepper and tofu soup 56
    Broccoli garlic soup 58
    Carrot-ginger soup 60
    Green pea soup 62
    Potato thai curry 64
    Vegan cauliflower and mushroom stew 66
    Vegan pho 68
    Pumpkin and pear soup 70
    Vegan bigos made from white cabbage 74
    Vegan mac and cheese 76
    Teriyaki eggplant 78
    Tofu pineapple curry 80
    Buddha bowl 82
    Chili sin carne 84
    Fried vegetables 86
    Pasta with avocado sauce 88
    Biryani-rice 90
    Kale pesto 92

    Penne all'arrabbiata 96
    Teriyaki cauliflower 98
    BBQ tofu from the oven 100
    Potato wedges 102
    Summerfeeling tabouleh 104
    Millet risotto 106
    Horseradish risotto 108
    Oriental noodle salad 110
    "Easy peasy!" green pea paste 112
    Potato and chickpea salad 114
    Truffle risotto 116
    Bulgur salad 118
    Beetroot rocket salad 122
    Asian style pasta salad 124
    Fried rice 126
    Taco-salad 128
    Vegan hawaiian salad 130
    Salsa-cucumber mix 132
    Potato salad 134
    Tomato-burrata salad 136
    Beetroot salad 138

    Vegan oat cookies 142
    Salty caramel almonds 144
    Muesli balls 146
    Chocolate protein balls 150
    Orange-apricot granola bars 152

    Año de Edición2021
    Núm. Páginas152
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    TítuloBest of Bowls

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