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Bloody Revenge Ghost

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    Bloody Revenge Ghost
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    Talking about the world, not just India, you will find many educated people who believe in ghosts and spirits. The news of ghosts is read or seen in the coming days. Sometimes such souls are shot in the camera of some people. Whether it is a ghost or not, it is a different matter, but people who are proud of their scientism are not ready to believe that there are ghosts and tell people not to spread such rumours, this makes society confused, we are considered to be unconscious. Are the mortals who believe in ghosts only uneducated? Is there really no existence of the soul? I think that after the soul departs from the body, it does not wander until it merges in Brahm or takes birth in another body. God is? This is an irrefutable truth, so how can we believe in soullessness? Just as after dissolution, after destruction everything has some form or some form, even if the only infraction, its existence remains the same, until the soul is united in God or any other Does not incarnate in the body, remains there. Well, I have not come here to preach on this subject. I am writing a story so that I can tell you all. You should also enjoy this ghostly fictional story without falling into any confusion? fictional because there is no basis for this story but? I am serving my fictionalized words even after being intertwined with words. That was a long time ago. Few villagers went to Kali Temple. Kali Temple was in the forest and many Inns were nearby road. But the thick, wild trees and plants made it feel like being a forest. This Kali temple was considered to be a very beautiful place. The time was 8 am to 7 pm to enter into Temple, there were many crowds. People entered for darshan from the main door and left through the other door.
    This eBook is based on local Indian ghost stories that have been collected from different sources and people. For more information about these stories. Kindly write to Hope we will provide you with details what you need.

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    TítuloBloody Revenge Ghost

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