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Business Heroes - worldwide

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    Business Heroes - worldwide
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    20 consultants in the field of SMB from 17 countries tell about their carrier and their daily business - an entertaining book, rich with ideas and examples for the successful usage of "interculturality". And a striking description of todays IT-industry and the world of Small and Medium Size Businesses worldwide.
    How to place for instance a German product in the bilingual market of Canada, which is used to the American markets but "culturally European"? How to found a foreign company's dependence in Malaysia with its 9 mother tongues? How to enter the Eastern European market with a concept "made in Germany"? What to pay attention to, if international negotiations should be done in China? How to approach as a consultant in an Arabic kingdom accompanying the build-up of a huge modern University in the dessert?
    This book is about cleverly used human network, it is about way of living and working beyond the usual. It is consultants and business people from different cultures speaking about their careers and efforts - and they offer a fine reader with anecdots, a helpful guidebook to intercultural aspects of business - and non-business life.
    By the way this book surprises with some highlights. For instance SAP-Co-Founder Hans Schrader for the first time tells the story of internationalisation of SAP, and the CEO Toru Yamashita from NTT Data, Tokyo, big japanese IT-company, gives his vision of a global company, driven by interculturalism. Hans Königes, Chief Editor of the leading IT-magazine Computerwoche about the book:
    Consultants always have some nice story to tell, as they meet with divers people from around the world. Most interesting all this becomes - as this volume shows - if consultants and customers come from different cultures and countries. This means mentalities and cultures clash.
    Do we know each other in the global village? No, still we are surprised by the variety of ways of life, still we are astonished, still we find lots of things to learn.

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    TítuloBusiness Heroes - worldwide
    SubtítuloHelden für den Mittelstand - weltweit
    AutorTom Saeys, Leanne Gregson, Juan Carlos Encio Mugica, Armin Frei, David Cairat, Jean-Yves Popovich, Ina Baum, Hans Schlegel, István Pótsa, Alexander Gebhard, Reiko Miyajima, Krzysztof Witczak, Alexander Baev, Roman Peresypkin, Rajmund Pavla, Jennifer Roach, Robert Leitner, Xiaodong (Liam) Song, Thomas Stig Nielson, Dieter Schoon, Herbert Vogel, Hans Königes, Heino Schrader
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    Dieter Schoon (Global Head of Human Resources itelligence AG)
    Business Heroes Worldwide - The Story So Far ...

    Herbert Vogel (Chairman of the Board of itelligence AG)
    The Conquest Of America - Part 2

    Juan Carlos Encio Mugica, Spain
    If Something Can Go Wrong It Goes Wrong - So You Will Fix It!

    Jean-Yves Popovich, Canada
    Old World And New World - One World

    Alexander Gebhard, Malaysia
    The Quest For The New

    Reiko Miyajima, Japan
    The Plastic Disc

    Tom Saeys, Netherlands
    KAUST - A World Within A World

    Ina Baum, Germany
    Intercultural Intermission: The Long Run - And Lots Of Short Cuts

    Krzysztof Witczak, Poland
    Business Cards

    David Cairat, France
    "Lost In Translation" - Found In Japan

    Armin Frei, Switzerland
    Convincing Or Headstrong?

    Toru Yamashita, Japan (President and CEO of NTT Data Group)
    An Interview: The Marvellous Parts Of IT Industry

    Hans Schlegel, Germany (Former Member of the Board SAP AG)
    The First Ten Years Of The Internationalization Of SAP

    Jennifer Roach, USA
    It's The Culture

    Xiaodong Liam Song, China
    Way Out! - Earthquake In Japan And My Way Up

    Rajmund Pavla, Czech Republic
    Dealing With Bicycles And Bytes

    Thomas Stig Nielson, Denmark
    IT Evolves With Your Business - Choose It!

    Roman Peresypkin, Russia
    Starting Signals

    Alexander Baev, Russia
    Our Understanding Of "Meeting"

    Leanne Gregson, Great Britain
    Well, This Is It

    Robert Leitner, Austria
    A Day's Long Journey On My Way To Austrian SMBs

    István Pótsa, Hungary
    "There Is No Cold!"

    The Editors

    This book has been gathered
    from the employees of itelligence AG
    and is dedicated to all go-betweens
    amongst the cultures of our world.

    Biografía del Autor

    Dieter Schoon
    has studied pyschologie and employment law at Bamberg university. His professional life began in 1992 working at Gemini Consulting, later on at Cap Gemini Ernst and Young as a consultant for questions about employees and organisational developement.
    In 2000 he switched to the newly founded strategy consulting firm Cell Consulting as the responsible for germany still for the same questions and additinally as marketing manager. In 2003 Dieter Schoon left to support the managment of Advanced Micro Devises (AMD) in planning of staff and organisations for the new microship factory »Fabrik 36«. In 2004 he switched to the stop of the staffsector of itelligence AG in Biefefeld.
    Since then Dieter Schoon is responsible for the strategic and operative issues of staff at itelligence AG Head of HR worldwide.

    Herbert Vogel
    was born in 1953. He studied electrotechnology at the university of Paderborn until 1975 and afterwards computer science in Berlin. He started his professional carrer in 1978 as a EDP- system analyst at »Blaupunkt«. In 1980 he transfered to Bertelsmann working as a project leader and three years later to Mohndruck, where he became the head of department for buying/logistics in 1985. Since 1987 Herbert Vogel works as a freelance buisnessconsultant.
    On the 21st of June 1989 Herbert Vogel cofounded with Wolfgang Schmidt S&P Consult, which developed into SVC AG and later on to itelligence AG.
    Since founding the compamy Herbert Vogel is the director or rather managment board member and since march 1999 spokesman of the board of SVC AG and after the junction also of the itelligence AG.- Since Janary 2001 he is chairman of the board of itelligence AG.

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