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Cellular Business Intelligence

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    Cellular Business Intelligence
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    "The winners will be those who restructure the manner in which the information flows in their business."

    With this statement, Bill Gates gave us not only a forecast but also a heads-up. Maybe he already knew that the answer to bringing decisions forward could be written on a crumpled sheet of paper in the wastepaper basket in a room next door to the CEO's office. Anticipation may be in assorted issues left aside by forecasters, since it is in these issues that we may, potentially, find the indications of possible disruptions and innovations that may be of interest to the organization that is aware of what is going on around it.

    This is why this book is about survival. In the human body, survival is guaranteed by the intelligent cells, according to Bruce H. Lipton, cellular biologist, 2009 Nobel Prize winner and author of the best-selling book The biology of belief. According to Lipton, "these single cells analyze thousands of stimuli from the microenvironment they inhabit. Through the analysis of this data, cells select appropriate behavioural responses to ensure their survival".

    This book suggests the implemention of intelligent cells within companies. With them, we will encourage the future and survive.

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    TítuloCellular Business Intelligence
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    Paulo Andreoli is Chairman of MSL Latin America and well as Founder and President of Andreoli MSL Brasil, a firm he created in 1993. Beginning as a journalist for O. Estado de S. Paulo, one of Brasil\'s most respected publications, Andreoli covered economics and business and, in 1979, was awarded the Premio Esso de Journalismo for his investigative journalism exposing Brazil\'s covert nuclear program. Then, he went on to serve as Latin America President for an international trading group, working across the region and Africa. Today Andreoli MSL is one of Brazil\'s largest and most respected strategic communications consultancies.

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