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In 'Charlie Chan Carries On,' Earl Derr Biggers masterfully extends the legacy of his illustrious detective, Charlie Chan, in a mystery that spans the globe. The narrative is well-crafted with Biggers's signature blend of suspense and wit, offering readers an engaging excursion into a world of intrigue and international travel. Part of the broader corpus of early 20th-century detective fiction, this novel showcases Biggers's contribution to the genre, weaving together the literary style of the period with a richness of character that remains compelling to modern audiences. The careful reproduction by DigiCat Publishing breathes new life into Biggers's tale, preserving its status as a cherished artifact of literary heritage.

Earl Derr Biggers, a celebrated figure in American mystery literature, was undoubtedly influenced by his experiences and the cultural attitudes of his time. Known primarily for creating the character of Charlie Chan, a Hawaii-based Chinese American police detective, Biggers challenged the racial stereotypes of his day by crafting a protagonist who was both intelligent and empathetic. This reissued edition of one of his seminal works reflects the staying power of Biggers's storytelling and his ability to craft narratives that resonate beyond their original context, shedding light on issues of race, culture, and the universality of the human experience.

This edition of 'Charlie Chan Carries On' is recommended for readers who appreciate the intricate plotting of classic detective fiction and the delicate handling of cultural representation. Biggers's novel is a benchmark of the genre that provides not only a compelling mystery but also a thoughtful examination of its characters. Students and enthusiasts of early 20th-century literature will find in this book a valuable reference point for the evolution of detective fiction. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of mystery and the importance of preserving literary legacies through conscientious republication efforts such as those of DigiCat Publishing.


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Charlie Chan Carries On
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<p>Earl Derr Biggers (1884?1933) was an American novelist best known for his creation of the Chinese-American detective character Charlie Chan. Biggers was born in Warren, Ohio, and graduated from Harvard University in 1907. He embarked on a career in journalism initially but soon turned to writing novels. Biggers\' inspiration for Charlie Chan was drawn from the real-life Honolulu detective Chang Apana, and his aim was to craft a character that counteracted the negative Asian stereotypes prevalent in the early 20th century. \'Charlie Chan Carries On\' (1930) is one of the notable entries in the series, showcasing Biggers\' skill in blending wit and suspense in a unique mystery narrative. His literary style is marked by its humor, engaging plots, and the respectful presentation of Chan\'s character, challenging contemporary prejudices through the portrayal of a smart, ethical, and endearing hero. The success of the Charlie Chan series not only solidified Biggers\' reputation as a master of the mystery genre but also led to the character\'s adaptation into numerous films, further imprinting Chan onto the fabric of American popular culture. Despite the limited scope of his literary output due to his untimely death at the age of 49, Biggers\' work remains an important early example of American detective fiction and its evolution.</p>
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