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Children's Drawing Books:How to Draw Plants

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    Children's Drawing Books:How to Draw Plants
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    Children's Drawing Books:How to Draw Plants is a painting book suitable for children. It is most suitable for children aged 3 to 8. Through the step-by-step decomposition of painting, it is easy and pleasant to understand the skills of line and line combination of painting.Children can learn how to draw many kinds of plants through this book. For example: globe, rose, lily, bamboo, mushroom, sunflower, lotus, cactus, sunflower, lily of the valley, Dogtail grass, chrysanthemum, violet, dandelion, peony, cattail, Christmas tree, lovely little tree, vegetable.Children's Drawing Books:How to Draw Plants this book includes step-by-step painting and creativity and color development.Creativity and ColorThe color in children's eyes is very important. Their creativity is more precious than the painting itself.Plants don't have only one color. What is the color in their eyes? How to express the color in your eyes? This book will tell them a different world of painting.

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    TítuloChildren's Drawing Books:How to Draw Plants
    AutorTina Sun
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    Tina Sun is a writer and painter. She has her own views on children\'s painting education. She integrates the concept of creativity and color into the painting education. Tina Sun always believes that the color in children\'s eyes is crucial, and their creativity is more precious than the painting itself.

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