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Coaching to "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" to Chopra


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Coaching to "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" to Chopra
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Scientists, physicians and spiritual personalities are coming to the public with the message of initiating a new development of consciousness that connects science and spirituality with ever greater, more frequent and convincing results. In physics, especially in quantum physics, the boundaries between these two areas are often no longer clear. Quantum physics has demonstrated how consciousness can change. Now this knowledge must also be used in a targeted manner. To have success is to realize wishes with very specific intentions. Chopra, in his book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success," now shows the way everyone can realize their desires and intentions without difficulty, with consciousness. I will therefore try to describe and comment on these laws so that it is easier for people to implement them. But does not relieve anyone of the discipline of working and apply on a regular basis.

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TítuloCoaching to "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" to Chopra
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