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Conditions of Faith

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    Conditions of Faith
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    With university behind her, Emily Stanton finds herself on the threshold of life. Introduced to a Scottish engineer, the exoticism of his life in Paris beckons, and she leaves her family home in twenties Melbourne to become his wife. But far from providing answers, her conventional marriage awakens in her an ardent desire to find a reason for living beyond that of simply wife and mother, a desire that leads her to flirt with risk, passion and unorthodox friendships, and carries her to Tunisia on a journey of self-questioning and intellectual reawakening.
    Through the lives of a rich cast of characters, Conditions of Faith compassionately and subtly explores the problem of a reason for living. This is the timeless theme of the heart of this beautiful and compelling novel.
    'Utterly absorbing and deeply rewarding both emotionally and intellectually.' - James Bradley
    'This is an amazing book. The reader can't help but offer up a prayerful thank you... that human beings still have the audacity to write like this... No paraphrase can do justice to this novel. Conditions of Faith is a blessing.' - Carolyn See, Washington Post
    'I think we shall see few finer or richer novels this year... a singular achievement.' - Andrew Riemer

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    TítuloConditions of Faith
    AutorAlex Miller
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    Alex Miller\'s latest novel, Journey to the Stone Country has won this year\'s Miles Franklin Award. He also won the Miles Franklin Award, the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Barbara Ramsden Award for best book of the year in 1993 with his third novel, The Ancestor Game. His previous novels were Watching the Climbers on the Mountain and Tivington Nott. In 1995, he published his critically acclaimed novella, The Sitters.
    Conditions of Faith, his fifth novel, was first published in 2000 and won the Christina Stead Prize for fiction in the 2001 NSW Premiers Literary Awards. It was also nominated for the Dublin IMPAC International Literature Award and was shortlisted for the Colin Roderick Award in 2000, the Age Book of the Year Award and the Miles Franklin Award in 2001.

    Año de Edición2014
    Núm. Páginas420
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