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Cosmopolitics among the Siona


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Cosmopolitics among the Siona
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The book presents the dynamics associated with the transformations and revitalization of the shamanic universe and strategies used to negotiate with the invisible beings. Making a rich contribution to the ethnology of Latin American lowlands, it demonstrates that ethnography is a social relationship. The text makes evident that the author, upon entering and leaving the territory, also enters and leaves the canons of anthropology. In the unfolding of the narrative, shaped as an academic autobiography, the details of the fieldwork experience flourish and result in timely reflections.

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TítuloCosmopolitics among the Siona
SubtítuloShamanism, Medicine and Family on the Putumayo River
AutorEsther Jean Matteson Langdon
Biografía del Autor

Esther Jean Langdon (Ph.D. Tulane University 1974) retired as full professor in the Graduate Program in Anthropology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, in 2014. She is a CNPq researcher and coordinator of the National Institute of Research: Brazil Plural - IBP (CNPq/INCT). She has published extensively on shamanism, oral literature, performance, anthropology of health and Indigenous public health policy.

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