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Daughters of the Revolution and Their Times (Illustrated Edition)

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    Daughters of the Revolution and Their Times (Illustrated Edition)
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    Many volumes have been written setting forth the patriotism and heroism of the fathers of the Republic, but the devotion of the mothers and daughters has received far less attention. This book is designed, therefore, to portray in some degree their influence in the struggle of the Colonies to attain their independence. The narration of events takes the form of a story?a slight thread of romance being employed, rather than didactic narrative, to more vividly picture the scenes and the parts performed by the actors in the great historic drama. It will not be difficult for the reader to discern between the facts of history and the imaginative parts of the story.

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    TítuloDaughters of the Revolution and Their Times (Illustrated Edition)
    Subtítulo? 1776 - A Historical Romance
    AutorCharles Carleton Coffin
    Biografía del Autor

    Charles Carleton Coffin (1823 ? 1896) was an American journalist, American Civil War correspondent, author and politician. Coffin was one of the best-known newspaper correspondents of the American Civil War. He has been called \"the Ernie Pyle of his era.\"

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