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Digital Transformation and Ethics

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    Digital Transformation and Ethics
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    Everything is digital ? whether it concerns the private sphere, work or public life. The technological progress involves both enormous chances and great risks. What are the social challenges we face? Which role does ethics play? Will the digital revolution necessarily serve the common good?Experts from various fields, among them computer science, economy, sociology and philosophy, address these questions and contribute to a necessary critical dialogue.

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    TítuloDigital Transformation and Ethics
    AutorMarkus Hengstschläger, Alexander Bogner, Christopher Frauenberger, Markus Frischhut, Sepp Hochreiter, Niina Huber, Anna Jobin, Severin Kacianka, Anita Klingel, Tobias D. Krafft, Sabine Theresia Köszegi, Julian Nida-Rümelin, Alexander Pretschner, Peter Reichl, Maria Riegler, Markus Scholz, Anne Siegetsleitner, Sarah Spiekermann, Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha, Charlotte Stix, Stefan Strauß, Harald Welzer, Hannes Werthner, Katharina A. Zweig, Michael Mayrhofer, Gerold Rachbauer
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    Markus Hengstschläger is a geneticist and one of the most outstanding representatives of Austrian research. The popular speaker is the author of the bestseller \"Die Macht der Gene\" and \"Die Durchschnittsfalle\", distinguished scientist and anchorman of a scientific program for Radio Ö1. As university professor for medical genetics at MedUni Wien he is engaged in pure research, as vice chairman of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development he focuses on innovation and technology-oriented research.
    The Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development is an independent advisory body of the Federal Government in matters regarding research, technology and innovation policy. It's task is to provide an essential contribution to a future-oriented RTI-policy. The Austrian Council considers itself as central hub in the network of the broad technology and research landscape, as a bridge between actors and most notably as setter of priorities.

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