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Direct Sales

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    Direct Sales
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    Direct sales are the greatest opportunity in the world and one of the oldest methods of doing business among people. No other sales strategy engulfs such interactivity. In this book you will find interesting information which will help you in direct sales, such as:

    - Direct approach
    - 12 steps to success in direct sales
    - Delaying in direct sales
    - Recruiting
    - Direct sales cultureand much, much more.
    I have been working in direct sales since I was a teenager.  And I began my professional career when I was 26 and looking for a true opportunity in life and when I had to decide how to direct my life.  Today, after 17 years of working in direct sales I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made.  I met a number of satisfied and successful people all over the world; I have visited 33 countries and have been on almost all continents.
    We are now building the Adriatikus organization, which already operates across Eastern Europe and is aiming to expand worldwide. We can virtually touch many lives and expand the Adriatikus organization mission to inspire people and help them achieve the best in life for them and their families.  I will always advise people to join direct sales, because it is a humane business.
    I hope this book will bring direct sales and our Adriatikus organization closer to people.  I wish you a lot of business success in the future and hope to meet you soon.
    Andrej Mlin?ek

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    TítuloDirect Sales
    AutorAndrej Mlin?ek
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