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Dog Training

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    Dog Training
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    Dog Training: Successful Dog Education Explained Step By Step (Guide For Dog Education And Training).

    The step by step guide for a happy partnership with your four-legged friend!

    Every dog owner wants a well-educated dog who hears when it matters. Dogs also want a leader they can trust. With clear rules and limits this will be possible!

    With the basics explained here, it will be easy to build a harmonious relationship with your dog. Quiet walks without pulling, no barking of foreign dogs, carefree dog running - all this will be possible after applying the lessons from this book!

    Learn how to make you and your dog an unbeatable team, whether puppy, young dog or old dog, with these proven tips and applications.

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    TítuloDog Training
    SubtítuloSuccessful Dog Education Explained Step By Step (Guide For Dog Education And Training)
    AutorLuke Eisenberg
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    My great passion are books, and that\'s why I started writing some books some time ago. It gives me particular pleasure to make life easier for readers, with my guides and to solve their problems. In doing so, I consciously choose topics that are close to my heart. The books are comprehensible, practical and written with light feather, so that reading the numerous tips, exercises and suggestions is just as much fun as trying them out.

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