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Book 1 of 3: A story about the undead

Hardy is a heated young man who, for personal reasons, turns his back on his homeland and embarks on a military career that not only reveals the true face of war to him, but also gets him into big trouble. After Frank, a secret service agent, helps him out of trouble and offers him a job, Hardy only sinks deeper into a swamp of corruption and the perverse power games elites play. He begins life imprisonment in a Russian prison shortly before the beginning of an apocalypse.

No one can explain the global plague that resurrects the dead and makes them ravenous for the flesh of the living. Far from civilization, isolated in a land of freezing cold, conditions in prison grow drastically worse. Hardy wants answers to what caused the global chaos. They are provided by Bartosz, a man who happens upon the prison while fleeing the undead. He claims that one single creature is responsible for the global catastrophe.

After the undead also reach the prison, Hardy, Bartosz and his companions embark on a daring escape, and the cruel whims of nature are not the only dangers they face. Their destination is a secluded cabin hidden deep in the forests of Russia. During their trek, Hardy not only gets to know his comrades-in-arms, but also learns about himself and begins to change his negative attitude to life. Together they take up the fight with the new world and come to realize that the undead do not actually pose the greatest threat. Defeats, setbacks and unpredictable situations now rule Hardy's life and that of his friends.

After an unexpected attack by the creature, which until now everyone thought was a just myth, the fight becomes very personal for Hardy.

Economic Creatures is Denny N. Dwight's declaration of love for the horror and action movies of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Peppered with allusions and quotes from numerous films of the era, the author really serves up practically every cliché about the living dead, and then some.


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Denny N. Dwight
Book one - A story about the undead
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Economic Creatures
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<p>Denny N. Dwight, born in 1976, is an author and speaker who has written and published books under various pseudonyms. He has also been actively involved in many projects as a ghostwriter. Before Denny N. Dwight started his first novel, he worked as a media operator and graphic designer. He self-published Economic Creatures in 2022 under a pseudonym. He lives and works in Germany, although he does not like to be tied to a particular location.</p>
ISBN: 9783985106134
Referencia: BW1035856911

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