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Eleanor H. Porter - Pollyanna (llustrated)


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Eleanor H. Porter - Pollyanna (llustrated)
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This book will remind you the scenes from a favorite book of several generations of teenagers and adults, a lovely story about a girl Pollyanna written by Eleanor H. Porter.You can color these pictures as you see these scenes, characters, and the world around in your imagination.You can also express your inimitable personality and find something important for yourself.Discover a miraculous world with Amazing Colors.Illustrated by Natali Ger.Chapter I. MISS POLLYChapter II. OLD TOM AND NANCYChapter III. THE COMING OF POLLYANNAChapter IV. THE LITTLE ATTIC ROOMChapter V. THE GAMEChapter VI. A QUESTION OF DUTYChapter VII. POLLYANNA AND PUNISHMENTSChapter VIII. POLLYANNA PAYS A VISITChapter IX. WHICH TELLS OF THE MANChapter X. A SURPRISE FOR MRS. SNOWChapter XI. INTRODUCING JIMMYChapter XII. BEFORE THE LADIES' AIDChapter XIII. IN PENDLETON WOODSChapter XIV. JUST A MATTER OF JELLYChapter XV. DR. CHILTONChapter XVI. A RED ROSE AND A LACE SHAWLChapter XVII. JUST LIKE A BOOKChapter XVIII. PRISMSChapter XIX. WHICH IS SOMEWHAT SURPRISINGChapter XX. WHICH IS MORE SURPRISINGChapter XXI. A QUESTION ANSWEREDChapter XXII. SERMONS AND WOODBOXESChapter XXIII. AN ACCIDENTChapter XXIV. JOHN PENDLETONChapter XXV. A WAITING GAMEChapter XXVI. A DOOR AJARChapter XXVII. TWO VISITSChapter XXVIII. THE GAME AND ITS PLAYERSChapter XXIX. THROUGH AN OPEN WINDOWChapter XXX. JIMMY TAKES THE HELMChapter XXXI. A NEW UNCLEChapter XXXII. WHICH IS A LETTER FROM POLLYANNA

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TítuloEleanor H. Porter - Pollyanna (llustrated)
AutorEleanor H. Porter, Nataly Ger
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A lovely story about a girl Pollyanna written by Eleanor H. Porter.

Año de Edición2020
Núm. Páginas266
Peso (Físico)0
Tamaño Archivo (Virtual)1.7
Formato Electrónico (Virtual)EPUB
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