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Essays from life

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    Essays from life
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    Wise people in their classics have written times and again that in life often it is the tiniest things that bring the greatest joy, even though at that time, we have no idea that what we are witnessing may be magical.  Now what do you do with such moments in life?
    Some laugh with their families and friends sharing their joys and some others cry and smile alone inside their lonely rooms, keeping such memories all unto themselves. Sukanya, the author, however believes in sharing such moments with her readers whom she dearly loves.

    Packed with the young author's honest narratives, observations and a writing style easily understood, this book is certain to strike a chord with anybody who is a teenager, a parent to one, or lives in a small town. For those who have read the author's posts on her blog/ medium/ social media or her previous eBook 'yes I'm 20', this is an enlarged version with similar context but newer and more recent essays. For others, it is a heart-warming and inspiring collection of true anecdotes from the author's life, telling us to remain positive and stand strong against all odds, no matter what happens.

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    TítuloEssays from life
    AutorSukanya Basu Mallik
    Año de Edición2019
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