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Etudes for snare Drum in 4/4-Time - Volume 2

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    Etudes for snare Drum in 4/4-Time - Volume 2
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    This edition has 52 etudes with the topic of tied, dotted and accented notes.
    In the beginning it deals with quarter notes, but in the course of the book it will change to eight and sixteenth notes, and it claims to be a slight challenge to the reader.
    It will build a wider understanding of rhythm.

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    TítuloEtudes for snare Drum in 4/4-Time - Volume 2
    AutorAndré Oettel
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    André Oettel, born in 1976, studied at the Los Angeles College of Music (formerly known as Los Angeles Music Academy). Since 2001 he lives and works again in Germany. His activities include long-term teaching at various music schools and institutions, as well as a live and studio musician.

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