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Familiar Spanish Travels

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    Familiar Spanish Travels
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    In this book of travels Mr. Howells relates the incidents and impressions of his trip through Spain. In a leisurely, discursive fashion he notes what most appealed to him as he journeyed from San Sebastian through Burgos, Madrid, Toledo, Cordova, Seville to Granada, Ronda, Algecirus, and Tarifa. Like a glorified cinemacolor film, he passes in review Spanish scenery, the architecture of cathedrals and palaces; theatres and hotels; picturesque street-scenes, Moorish remains; the King and Queen; beggars and guides; gypsies and donkeys. And back of all this living present, adding richness to the scene like a figured tapestry, is the romantic history of Spain's past.

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    AutorWilliam Dean Howells
    Año de Edición2020
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    TítuloFamiliar Spanish Travels

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