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Functional Strength

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    Functional Strength
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    Most people think a fitness plan involves eating small amounts of tasteless foods, going to the gym every single day, and investing in expensive exercise equipment and accessories?

    ?this is pretty much the "norm" for fad diets and people that are trying to appeal to the "mirror on the wall."

    But you don't have to do any of that with functional strength training?

    I got tired of people thinking they needed to eat next to nothing and spend a fortune on exercise equipment, so I put together the ultimate guide on getting healthy and strong? the right way!

    When I started to put these steps into practice the results blew me away. I'm not kidding! It was all to do with following a well laid out plan that anyone can follow ? and I mean anyone. My list grew by leaps and bounds and I began to see the truth of the saying "the money is in the list"!

    Are you in the middle of the nightmare of spending all your free time slaving away on something only to discover that you have wasted your time?

    Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn Inside?

    - Functional Training Methods
    - The Tools That You'll Need
    - The Techniques You Will Use To Train
    - Stretching And Other Ways To Prevent Injury
    - Diet Strategies
    - Crossfit, Kettlebells, And Other Effective Methods Of Strength Training
    - Bodyweight Training
    - And A Whole Lot More?

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    SubtítuloDiscover A Complete Training Guide For Building Functional Strength
    AutorNoah Daniels
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