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Green Smoothie Lifestyle

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    Green Smoothie Lifestyle
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    There are several different types of smoothies which come in a range of different colors. In this guide, we'll be focusing on green smoothies which are without a doubt, the most powerful type of smoothies at restoring your health and vitality.

    This powerful ebook will provide you with everything you need to finally achieve your dream of peak health. You can make health promises to yourself all day and night, but actually sticking to your goals is the hard part!

    - Find Out Why Green Smoothies Are The Best Type Of Smoothie For Overall Health

    - Learn Exactly What Power Greens Are Best

    - Discover The Life Changing Benefits Of Green Smoothies

    - 7 Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes

    - Avoid Common Green Smoothie Mistakes Like A Pro

    - And Much, Much More..

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    TítuloGreen Smoothie Lifestyle
    SubtítuloDrink Your Way To A Slim, Energetic & Youthful Life
    AutorNoah Daniels
    Año de Edición2016
    Núm. Páginas20
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